To Help Children Learn, Get the Lead Out

“Sometimes we fail to look for causes in conspicuous places. As we seek out reasons why our children are having trouble learning in school, tens of thousands of our kids’ futures are being cut down because, in their younger years, they were exposed to lead. For at least two decades, neurological and epidemiological research has told us that lead affects academic performance, classroom behavior, and the rest of life. We know so much more today from more recent research. Now we know that even low levels of lead can cause serious damage. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention bleakly states: “No safe blood lead level in children has been identified.”  Though lead levels have gone down in our cars, our homes, and our children, lead-based paint and lead-laden dust and soil still surround much of our older housing and neighborhoods, holding back the promise of too many children.”


by Tom Vernon and Shelly Yanoff

posted May 15, 2013, on Philadelphia Public School – The Notebook

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