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Lead Poisoning Prevention in Newly Arrived Refugee Children: CDC Tool Kit

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Lead Poisoning Prevention Program in conjunction with the Office of Refugee Resettlement developed the Lead Poisoning Prevention in Newly Arrived Refugee Children tool kit in response to the increasing number of refugee children entering the United States and subsequently developing elevated blood lead levels. This toolkit provides a Refugee Resettlement Worker Module, a Medical Provider Module, and other resources. Visit the CDC website and download the complete tool kit.

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Toxic Treats: Lead in Mexican Candies

Traces of lead have been found in some candy and its packaging imported from Mexico. Many of these candies contain chili or tamarind whose raw materials may be contaminated. Consumers should take precaution when choosing Mexican candy, particularly if it is to be eaten by children. Children are poisoned when handling the wrapper and by eating the candy.  Materials discussing the dangers of some Mexican candy are available in both English and Spanish on California’s Lead in Mexican Candy website. View photos of recalled candy and a list of candies that contain lead, in Spanish. The Environmental Health Coalition also created a chart of the top 12 candies to avoid due to their lead content.

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New CDC Lead and Pregnancy Recommendation Report 2010

This podcast addresses the highlights of the new Centers for Disease Control Lead and Pregnancy Report for 2010. The report has important information for physicians and others who are concerned about the negative effects that exposure to lead can have on pregnant women and their developing fetus, as well as on infants and children.

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Trial Manual for Lead Inspectors

The Trial Manual for Lead Inspectors is designed principally for lead inspectors and risk assessors who want to know what to expect if they are subpoenaed to appear as an expert witness at a deposition or in court.  Download the manual.

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